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Music at Night 025 (2 year mix) Tracklist and Download link

1. Green Velvet-Preacher Man  2012 Remix
2. Anil Chawla-Pondi  Uto Karem Remix –
3. Doublewave   Min   Mal-Darkness  Andrea Roma Remix
4. Psycatron  Detroit Grand Pubahs-NvrSayNvr  Original Mix
5. Just Be-Super Charge  Original Mix
6. Spektre   Subfractal – Prosthetic Conscience  Original Mix (Track of the Month)
7. Mark Broom-SQ18  Rave Mix
8. NHB-Get Up
9. Spektre-Together  Spartaque Remix
10. Zoo Brazil-Selected  Original Mix
11.Tocadisco-The Clamp  Original Club Mix

You can download the mix HERE (right click save as)

Music at Night 2 year anniversary show with special guests SUBFRACTAL! (Monday May 28)

This is a very special edition of Music at Night as we will be celebrating the 2 year anniversary of the shows launch on Digitally Imported. Since we have been on the air we have averaged 500+ listeners both local and international.

First off I would like to thank all the amazing djs and producers who have given their time and talent: Subfractal, Ovi M, Damian Definite, Glitter, Daniel Burton, Mike Conradi, Cam Maxwell, D-Unity, Kotov and Andre Wilde, and Anthony D’Amico, Jose Larkko, Iron Mike, Aerodrömme, Gridmode, Nicolas Oliver, and Nicholas Van Orton.

Secondly a big thank you to Digitally Imported for giving me an outlet to showcase my blend of techno and tech house. Finally and most important I must thank all the supporters and everyone who has tuned in and downloaded the sets over the past 24 months. I produced this show for fans of electronic music, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


In an age of short attention spans and constant media bombardment, Subfractal have unquestionably cemented their position as powerful techno tastemakers. Growing up in Karachi, Pakistan, Fahad Ahmad and Syed Mishaal Raza, like so many others, aspired to follow in the footsteps of legends like Lawler, Tenaglia and Tong. However, Fahad and Syed didn’t cross paths until 2006 after they’d both moved to Canada, where the burgeoning electronic music scene and a common love of techno brought them together. After collaborating on a handful of projects, the musical chemistry between the duo became evident, and Subfractal was born.

Music at Night 024 Track List

Brennen Kovic (Hour 1)
1. Ovi M – Negative (EXCLUSIVE PROMO)
2. Deas Lubica-Choya Original Mix
3. Phunk Investigation-Fear Original Mix
4. Christian Cambas-Animate Objects Original Club Mix
5. Umek Mike Vale-Point To Consider Original Mix
6. Secret Cinema Kalden Bess aka m0h -Bam Bam Sasha Carassi Remix
7. Phunk Investigation-Say Goodbye Tomcraft Remix (TRACK OF THE MONTH)
8. Silvio Ecomo-In No Dip Koen Groeneveld Remix
9. Spektre-Eight Rounds Rapid Original Mix
10. Phunk Investigation vs. Schuhmacher – From The Dust Original Mix
11. Subfractal-Dissolution Original Mix

You can download the mix HERE (right click save as)

Music at Night 024 with special guests AERODRöMME (Monday April 23)

Aerodrömme is a vibrant duo project based in Toronto, Canada. The act was created by was created by Boris “Shankar” Kurtzman and Steve Chan, the two members share strong passion for music. Aerodrömme has emerged as one of the most promising names in the Progressive Techno circuit. Their style is an effective blend of progressive house and minimal Techno with a deep connotation.

Aerodrömme has released music on such prominent labels as Tribal Vision, Baroque, Blue Tunes, Spiral Trax, Plusquam, Nuuktal Records, Air Snare and Balkan Connection; and received support from heavyweights such as Wehbba, James Harcourt, Perfect Stranger, Re-Zone (Toolroom Records), Astronivo, Chloe Harris, Timo Maas, Fiord, Danny Howells, Tomcraft, Duca, John Deere, and Simone De Caro (Binary 404) just to name a few. Please tighten your seatbelts, as the jet is about to take off!


Music at Night 023 Track List

Brennen Kovic (Hour 1):
1. Save The Robot-Wear And Tear  (Original Club Mix)
2. Spartaque-Grasshopper  (Original Mix)
3. Alex Kenji  Manuel De La Mare-Acid As 303  (Original Club Mix)
4. Christian Cambas and Umek – Heroes Of The Night  (Original Mix)
5. DJ Falk-House Of God  2012 Update  (Phunk Investigation Remix)
6. Spektre-Turbine  (Original Club Mix)
7. Beltek – Party Voice (Nicolas Oliver Bootleg Remix) [FREE PROMO]
8. Fergie-Off Da Floor (Original Club Mix)
9. Umek-Split  (Original Mix)
10. Popof-Blue Dream  (Maetrik Remix)

Larkko (Hour 2):
1.Siwell – Ritual Tropical ( Gonzalo & Gonzalez )
2.Damon Tee – Sueno ( Oliver Giacomotto mix )
3.Philip Bader – Summer big beat ( Nic fanciulli mix )
4.Redondo & Sideburn – Expleo ( Original mix )
5.Ismael Rivas – El Farol ( Original mix )
6.Hollen – Pin Puk
7.Tony Dee – Thesys ( Original mix )
8.Tony Dee – Jump Jump ( Original mix )
9.Adrian Burtabi – Bigotes ( Original mix )
10.Namito ft FCCS – Refresh ( Filthy Rich mix )
11. Unknown – Unknown
12.David Berrie – Behind the front ( Original mix )

You can download the mix HERE (right click “save as”)

Music at Night 023 with special guest Larkko (Monday March 26)

Jose Arayesh a.k.a ( Larkko ) musical influences stem from artists such as Peace Division, Timo Maas, Hernan Cattaneo, Carl Cox to todays top producers such as Kaiserdisco, Manuel de la Mare, David Herrera, Gonzalo & Gonzalez, Alex Kenji and Patrick M and many more as well as labels such as Hotfingers and Stereo Productions just to name a few.His career started after he got his first pair of Technics 1200’s in 1999 and began putting on successful events and parties around his local area where he quickly began establishing a name for himself at both live events and also radio shows.

Larkko is not just a whiz behind the decks, but also classically – trained pianist and has an extemely strong passion for art. Larkko’s developed his encyclopedic knowledge of electronic music by working in the local record shop and attending big parties capturing the right type of sound he wanted to pursue. It was at at the age of 16 when Jose Arayesh ( Larkko ) decided to pick up his first set of direct drive turntables and has never looked back since.

The type of sound that is captured in Larkko’s sets consist of deep groovy tribal tech rythyms to with hair raising floor stomping vocals that promise to keep you moving all night long. Larkko has never been afraid to take on fresh ideas and innovations. As a dj/producer, he can switch styles as only a bonafide musician can, but what sets him apart is the innate ability to combine in his sound double dose of rawness and elegance. Productions can be smooth & dreamy, or pounding ( often at the same time ). As dance music shifts & changes, he keeps on top and adapts, but still roots his production in quality & originality. Music is something more than an expression of art, it is a way of life.

Look out for Larkko’s rise, his sets & productions are not to be missed for the true house music lover.

Music at Night 022 with guest Daniel Burton (Monday Feburary 27)

First and foremost an enthusiast to all that is house, Dan is one of Toronto’s most promising up and coming DJ’s. Raised in Toronto, he was immediately immersed into a diverse, and very individualistic culture. When he was 8 years old he was given his first musical instrument, the bass guitar, and immediately knew he was going to be doing something with music in his future. By his mid teens he had continued to grow and grasp new concepts into music, and studied music theory both in and out of the classroom environment, developing a deep love of complex rhythms and nuances, and specifically gained interest in jazz and punk rock. One should take notice at his ability to pursue and make ideas become reality- 50 Shades of Red, a punk rock quintet influenced heavily by bands such as the Distillers, Bad Religion, Anti Flag, and bands not found in mainstream culture, (Dan’s First band) ended up being one his most successful ventures, playing all of Toronto’s hottest rock clubs including The Big Bop, The Docks, Koolhaus just to name a few- by the ripe age of 16. In such a performer was born, and Dan has been playing live shows ever since, whether as a bass player, or DJ in the Toronto club circuit.

With his integral blends of techno and tech house influences, Dan knows how to work a crowd. Having worked the Toronto bar/ lounge circuit, Dan is eager and ready to move on to the bigger stage. Being in close environments with DJ’s Nathan Barato, Cam Maxwell, George William, El Duran, Paranoid Jack, Tim Patrick, Iron Mike, Anthony D’Amico, Julien Loreto, Chris Fresque, Rob Lamberti, Maddy Frizzell, Luis Sastre and others – just to name a few- he has quickly progressed in the electronic music community.

Dan is not a rookie in the music industry, he works as a full time producer and Recording Engineer, as well as a touring musician, he knows what to do on the decks, how to work a crowd and to get them excited.

This ex- Audio Creep had a fantastic year in 2009-2010, having done interviews on Scenester radio, and played all over Toronto… including Guvernment, Film lounge, Lily Lounge, LOL lounge, opened for Steve Lawler on New years at Circa 2010, as well as played WMC 2010 w/ international artists Subfractal, Erphun + More. Ready to continue moving forward, look for Dan and his upcoming releases and events!

London Music, Freaks Culture Records


twitter@ djdanielburton

Music at Night 021 Tracklist

1. Christian Smith-Get It Done  Original Mix
2. Xpansul  Alessio Mereu-Moldy Oscillator  Sasha Carassi
3. Phunk Investigation-Dirty Is Better  Original Mix
4. Miniminds-Disorder  Locomatica Remix
5. Umek Beltek-Touch After  Original Club Mix (TOTM)
6. Da Fresh-Lucky Number  Kiko Remix
7. Matt  Cooper -Death Machine  Spektre Remix
8. Phunk Investigation-Deep Inside  Original Mix
9. Alex Di Stefano-Mas Fuerte  Original Mix
10. Christian Cambas  Umek-Heroes Of The Night  Original Mix

You can download the mix HERE (right click “save as”)

Music at Night 021 with guests Gridmode (Monday January 23)

Driven to weave style into sound, Toronto based electronic music producers Guyvr and Mason Bach have united as Gridmode, to deliver an all out assault on the dancefloor, by exploiting the latest computer music technologies and delivering them with an ear to the ground mentality.

Always consistent in their approach, yet full of surprises, Gridmode invite their listeners to engage in a co-creative exploration of sound, never straying from an uncompromising dedication to their art.

While deeply rooted and educated in the craft of live music performance, Gridmode has transplanted core elements from studio production directly to the live stage, pushing and perfecting technical

boundaries in real-time. This talented duo flawlessly combine the most current selections from the Minimal, Tech House and Techno genres with grace and discriminating taste. Although audiences unanimously agree on their intuitive musical sense, applaud the seeming rocket science behind their rhythms and compositions, Gridmode sources for only the purest of dancefloor pursuits resulting in an experience which must be witnessed first-hand to fully embrace.

Music at Night 020 2011 Year Mix Track List

Hour 1:
1. Ovi M – Ripshaw
2. Cirez D – Full Stop (Original Mix)
3. alex kenji – my oscar
4. Filthy Rich -I Need You  Spartaque Remix
5. Pleasurekraft – Satyr Song (Umek Remix)
6. kiko – visious story
7. Ahmet Sendil, Koen Groeneveld – Turboprop – Ahmet Sendil Mix
8. Tone Depth and Anthony Attalla – Vaporizer (christian cambas amd PHANTM)
9. Balthazar -Puerto Rico  Alex Di Stefano Remix
10. Mario Miranda-Answering Machine (NHB London Remix)
11. Veerus -Phono  Original Mix
12.Cutoff- Button Push (Original Mix)

Hour 2:
13. Da Fresh-Turn Da Music Up  (Original Mix)
14. Umek – Zagreb
15.Balthazar and Jackrock -Dupka (Ahmet Sendil Remix)
16.Lazy M – Crows Are Talking (Subfractal Remix)
17. Christian Cambas – Fireball
18. Tesla – First Aid
19. Krill Mixer – IQ Test (Spartaque Remix)
20.while my weaky gently leaks da fresh remix
21. Roy RosenfelD – Balloons (Da Fresh Remix)
22.Phunk Investigation – 1980’s

You can download this mix HERE