Music at Night 100 the Finale (Monday February 24)

Ten years and one hundred episodes comes down to this. The Music at Night Finale. Join me on a two hour journey of my favorite techno tracks over the last decade. Thank you to everyone that has tuned in over […]

Music at Night 099 with special guests Daniel Burton and Ryan McDonald (Monday January 27)

Ryan McDonald is no stranger to electronic music, starting as an avid enthusiast of everything electronica since the early nineties, these days Ryan is quickly becoming a front runner in the Toronto House Music community. Having grown up in Toronto […]

Music at Night 098 Year Mix 2019 (Monday December 23)

Its that time of year again, the Music at Night Year Mix, where I play my favorite tracks of 2019. In this mix you will hear tracks by the best producers in techno such as Veerus, Pig&Dan, UMEK, Christian Smith, […]

Music at Night 097 with special guest Subfractal (Monday November 25)

In an age of short attention spans and constant media bombardment, Subfractal have unquestionably cemented their position as powerful techno tastemakers. A burgeoning electronic music scene and a common love of techno brought together Fahad Ahmad and Syed Raza back […]

Music at Night 096 with special guest Your Boyzzz (Monday October 28)

Downtown Diego & Iron Mike are forever the voice of Toronto’s underground music scene. The two hosted weekly radio programs on CHIN 100.7FM, numerous live to air broadcasts and will be forever known for their highly successful “Feature Film Friday” […]


Music at Night Year Mix 2015 (Monday December 28, 2015)

Its that time of the year again, its time for the 2015 Music at Night Year Mix. This is where I pick my favorite tracks of the past year and make a two hour non stop mix. You’ll hear tracks by Ovi M, D-Unity, Umek, Adam Beyer, Jay Lumen, Sam Paganini, Stefano Noferini & Hollen, Krischmann & Klingenberg, many many more, and my pick for the track of the year (

I would also like to thank all the djs and producers that came on the show over the past year and a huge thanks to all the fans that tune in every month. I hope you all have a great holiday season.


Music at Night 059 (Special Guest Ryan Lamont) Download/Tracklist

Hour 1: Brennen Kovic
1. Alex Di Stefano – Gateway (Christian Cambas Remix)
2. Cristian Varela – Love Perc (Boris Remix)
3. John Monkman & Pete Tong – The Bumps (Julian Jeweil Remix)
4. Uto Karem, Hollen – Revolt (Original Mix)
5. Secret Cinema, Enrico Sangiuliano – Trrbulence (Original Mix)
6. Luix Spectrum – Black And White (Jan Fleck Remix)
7. Ovi M – Kontra Original Mix (TRACK OF THE MONTH)
8. UMEK – The Interceptor (Original Mix)
9. Julian Jeweil – Wax (Original Mix)
10. Loco & Jam – Enter (Original Mix)
11. DJ Boris – Can You Hear Me (Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)

Hour 2: Ryan Lamont

You can download/stream the mix here (right click “save as” to download)


Music at Night 059 with special guest Ryan Lamont (Monday October 26)

Like many artists of his generation, the origin of Ryan Lamont’s style as a DJ and producer can be traced back to his exposure to the creatively fertile ground that was the Toronto warehouse party and rave scene of the mid to late 1990s. Incredibly moved by his first encounters with the culture and deeply inspired by the creative possibilities of electronic music in general, it wasn’t long before Ryan found himself behind decks dabbling with the sounds of progressive trance,U.K Hard House and Breaks. Within a few short years, however Ryan’s style made of notable shift, gradually becoming more influenced by Toronto, Ontario’s flourishing, yet relatively unknown, Techno scene and maturing into the unique and driving sound he is most commonly known for today. His sly mixing and intuitive approach to track selection started generating a powerful response from dance floors, and it wasn’t long before the serious gurus started to take notice. At the ripe young age of 21 he got his first major break DJing for Dose productions, and from there things only seemed to go up. By 2001 Ryan was already being booked at several highly esteemed clubs in Toronto such as Turbo and System SoundBar, and became a veritable household name in Ontario’s techno community, occupying several establishments such as legendary venues as Space, D2, Felicity’s and The Purple Room. Soon enough he took on the world, playing at several premier events in Greece, Ukraine, England, Germany and the United States.


Music at Night 058 (Special Guest Fragala P) Download/Tracklist

Hour 1: Brennen Kovic
1. Alan Fitzpatrick – Love Siren (Original Mix)
2. Cristian Varela – Love Perc (Boris Remix)
3. Julian Jeweil – Wax (Original Mix)
4. Jel Ford – Overcast (Original Mix)
5. Los Paranos – Paranoia (Original Mix)
6. Jel Ford – Ode to Basement (Original Mix)
7. DJ Boris, Christian Smith – Music Takes Me (Christian Smith Remix) (TRACK OF THE MONTH)
8. Danny Tenaglia, Joseph Capriati – Dibiza Joseph (Capriati Remix)
9. Julian Jeweil – And We (Original Mix)
10. Los Paranos – Calm Down Baby (Original Mix)
11. Julian Jeweil – Meteorite (Original Mix)

Hour 2: Fragala P

You can download/stream the mix here (right click “save as” to download)

Music at Night 058 with special guest Fragala P (Monday August 24th)

Deep, yet uplifting is how you describe Fragala P’s sound. Toronto-based Producer/DJ takes his influences from deep and minimal techno to uplifting tech house. His meticulous attention to detail and eagerness to please the crowd is what makes his sets unique and intoxicating.

Music at Night 057 (special guests Strong&Wylde ) Download/Tracklist

Hour 1: Brennen Kovic
1. D-Unity – Sensation (Original Mix)
2. NERVO – Haute Mess (ANNA Remix)
3. Adam Beyer – The Crossing (Original Mix)
4. Julian Jeweil – Shaka (Christian Smith Remix)
5. Secret Cinema, Enrico Sangiuliano – Trrbulence (Original Mix)
6. Adam Beyer – Stone Flower (Original Mix) (TRACK OF THE MONTH)
7. Da Fresh – Hello (Original Mix)
8. Christian Smith – Mutate (Kaiserdisco Remix)
9. Adam Beyer – What You Need (Original Mix)
10. Oscar Aguilera, Hollen, Alberto Ruiz – Brio (Alberto Ruiz, Oscar Aguilera Remix)
11. Max Graham – Redemption (Original Mix)

Hour 2: Strong & Wylde

You can download/stream the mix here (right click “save as” to download)

Music at Night 057 with special guests Strong&Wylde (Monday June 22)

With over 12 years experience playing at clubs,lounges and Events across the GTA Ryan Wylde has developed an ability to read any crowd and maintain high energy on the dance floor. Lately he has been working hard establishing different connections to share his love for music to the world . He has played along side with some of Toronto’s greatest talents and continues to enjoy the attention from the crowd.

Rebecca Strong is a born performer who has had a passion for music since she was young. Her understanding and appreciation for good music lead to her interests in perusing djing. Thanks to Ryan Wylde as he has taken her under his wing and shown her how to push the boundaries. Together they create Strong&Wylde feeding off each other’s ideas with on the fly infectious bootlegs, remixes, tech, house music and funky jacking beats. They work together seamlessly and ensure you won’t forget this dynamic duo.

Music at Night 056 (special guest Ovi M) Download/Tracklist

Hour 1: Brennen Kovic
1. DJ Tonio – Only Live Once (Original Mix)
2. Sam Paganini – Another Chance (Original Mix)
3. Marc Houle – Coar (Julian Jeweil Remix)
4. Matador – Bsunday (Original Mix)
5. Gabriel D’Or and Bordoy – Gliese (Hollen Remix)
6. Jay Lumen – Departures (Original Mix)
7. Filterheadz – More Grit (Turn It Up) Original Mix (TRACK OF THE MONTH)
8. Robert Babicz – Aural Phase (Original Mix)
9. Chus & Ceballos, Oscar De Rivera, DJ Chus, Pablo Ceballos – Blowin Minds (Dosem Remix)
10. Oliver Koletzki – Iyewaye (Original Mix)
11. Sam Paganini – Rave (Original Mix)
12. Mars Bill – Panorama (Original Mix)

Hour 2: Ovi M
Recorded Live

You can download/stream the mix here (right click “save as” to download)


Music at Night 056 with special guest Ovi M (Monday April 27)

Born in Romania and raised in Toronto, Ovi M’s musical journey has developed him into a versatile and unique young talent. His determination ultimate passion for music has made him a part of the most sought-after artists in the Toronto electronic music scene and has established himself a residency inside the legendary Guvernment Nightclub amongst many others. Ovi M’s particular track selection, unique style and flawless mixing has ricocheted throughout the scene thus making his name in demand and a guarantee to orchestrate a strong energy and vibe on the dance floor!

On the production side, Ovi M has been creating monster tunes supported by artists such as Dubfire, Marco Carlo, Gary Beck, Erphun, Subfractal, Paco Osuna, and Danny Tenaglia. Ovi M is an exclusive member of the Brood Audio label that showcases some of the finest and groundbreaking techno artists. He has also signed onto many other labels such as Fracture Audio, Sketchbook Music, Nervous NYC, Roots & Wings and more. His love for music has fueled him to capture sounds and to produce his signature pounding, chuggy techno. All of his music is fuelled by rich rolling baselines, underground sounds and killer build-ups that take the crowd on a dark musical ride of expression and excitement. In addition, Ovi M has been added to the roster of the highly respected North American Techno Booking Agency, Re-Konstrukt.

This is one artist that you need to be watching both in the studio and behind the decks!

Offical Website:
Brood Audio:

Music at Night 055 (special guest Ryan Lamont) Download/Tracklist

Hour 1: Brennen Kovic
1. Carlo Ruetz – Ordinary House (Wigbert Remix)
2.  John Hopkins – Open Eye Signal (George FitzGerald Remix)
3. Monika Kruse and Pig and Dan – Soulstice (Alberto Ruiz 80 Monster Remix)
4. Veerus, Maxie Devine – My Train (Original Mix)
5. Nick Warren, Guy Mantzur – Sad Robot (Original Mix)
6. Enrico Sangiuliano – Restlessness (Original Mix)
7.  Stefano Noferini & Hollen – Rediscovered (Original Mix) (TRACK OF THE MONTH)
8.  Angry Core – In Times Like This (Skober Remix)
9. Stephan Hinz, Pan Pot – Tension (Original Mix)
10.  Sam Paganini – Dusty (Original mix)
11. Mark Knight & Adrian Hour – Suzee (Original Mix)

Hour 2: Ryan Lamont

You can download/stream the mix here (right click “save as” to download)