Music at Night 096 with special guest Your Boyzzz (Monday October 28)

Downtown Diego & Iron Mike are forever the voice of Toronto’s underground music scene. The two hosted weekly radio programs on CHIN 100.7FM, numerous live to air broadcasts and will be forever known for their highly successful “Feature Film Friday” […]

Music at Night 095 with special guest Mike Conradi (Monday September 23)

Mike Conradi began his DJ career in early 1999 and since then has played at countless clubs and events across Ontario Canada alongside some of the biggest names in electronic music. These include numerous main stage performances at the World […]

Music at Night 094 with special guest Kris Morton (Monday August 26)

With his “Techno one day, Trance the next” persona, his master mixing and ability to jump across multiple genres, combined with his overall presence behind the decks, is what truly establishes Kris as the much adored DJ in the Toronto […]

Music at Night 093 with special guest BagHead (Monday July 22)

BagHead has set himself apart from the flock. With over 10 years experience as an artist in the Toronto underground, this often controversial DJ has learned to always believe in the music. Often blurring the lines between Techno, tech-house, House […]

Music at Night 092 with special guest Nigel Best (Monday June 24)

Nigel Best (aka thepharmacist) has been involved in music for most of his life. From the early days of collecting records, DJ’ing at local youth clubs in England, where he grew up, to residencies at various clubs through the disco, […]


Music at Night 042 with special guest Ovi M

Born in Romania and raised in Toronto, Ovi M’s musical journey has developed him into a versatile and unique young talent. His determination ultimate passion for music has made him a part of the most sought-after artists in the Toronto electronic music scene and has established himself a residency inside the legendary Guvernment Nightclub amongst many others. Ovi M’s particular track selection, unique style and flawless mixing has ricocheted throughout the scene thus making his name in demand and a guarantee to orchestrate a strong energy and vibe on the dance floor!

On the production side, Ovi M has been creating monster tunes supported by artists such as Dubfire, Marco Carlo, Gary Beck, Erphun, Subfractal, Paco Osuna, and Danny Tenaglia. Ovi M is an exclusive member of the Brood Audio label that showcases some of the finest and groundbreaking techno artists. He has also signed onto many other labels such as Fracture Audio, Sketchbook Music, Nervous NYC, Roots & Wings and more. His love for music has fueled him to capture sounds and to produce his signature pounding, chuggy techno. All of his music is fuelled by rich rolling baselines, underground sounds and killer build-ups that take the crowd on a dark musical ride of expression and excitement. In addition, Ovi M has been added to the roster of the highly respected North American Techno Booking Agency, Re-Konstrukt.

This is one artist that you need to be watching both in the studio and behind the decks!

Offical Website:
Brood Audio:

Music at Night 041 Dowload/Tracklist (special guests Casualties of Sound)

Hour 1: Brennen Kovic
1. Jewel Kid-Satisfied Clowns (Original Mix)
2. Joseph Capriati-Awake (Original Mix)
3. Sian-Shame Cube (Original Mix)
4. Raffaele Rizzi-Bouncing (Hollen Remix)
5. Adam Beyer, Ida Engberg-Unanswered Question (Original Mix)
6. Joeski, AuDio KoDe-The Yak (Filterheadz Remix) (TRACK OF THE MONTH)
7.  John Digweed -Red Tape (Original Mix)
8. Hollen -Collision (Original Mix)
9. MiniCoolBoyz, NHB-Hundred Times (Original mix)
10. SQL, Child-Nootropica (Original Mix)

Hour 2: Casualties of Sound

You can download/stream the mix here (“right click” save as to download)

Music at Night 041 with special guests Casualties Of Sound (Monday October 28)

Unlettered. One word to describe those who would be ignorant to say that this is just another Toronto-based DJ duo.

Rest in peace, Ronald Gourlay & Alan Guzman. Remembered as those who lived for nothing but the music; addicts who inevitably lost their lives to the dark pressuring timbres of everything house. Multiplying adrenaline levels for the individuals who boast an acquired taste for bass, dishing out an eclectic tonal beat down of sui-generis repertoire.

One simply cannot anticipate what to expect from from this act gig by gig due to the sheer consistency of satisfying curve-balls that are tossed into every set. Combining Ronald’s Toronto roots with Alan’s LA/Toronto upbringing on the scene, the product of their performance is unlike anything you have ever heard before.

Their intent is to pummel you with aggressive tonal force, beaming sheer contentment as they lacerate dance floors with their hard hitting rhythms and sounds of groove so that they can fulfill their only motive – to make their audience Casualties Of Sound as well.

Music at Night 040 Download/Tracklist (special guest PaulinaG)

Hour 1: Brennen Kovic
1. Sebastian Groth – Buzzer Noiser (Go!Diva Remix)
2. Loco – Nero (Original Mix)
3. Matthew Jay – Boreal Dust (Original Mix)
4. Adam Beyer, Ida Engberg – Unanswered Question (Julian Jeweil Remix)
5. Christian Smith, Wehbba – Second Life (Original Mix)
6. NHB and Pascal Nuzzo – Shoreline (Original Mix)
7. Filterheadz – The Right Place (Original Mix) (TRACK OF THE MONTH)
8. Sam Paganini – Polyester (Original Mix)
9. NHB and Giorgio Rusconi –  Our Bass Is Louder (Original Mix)
10. Hollen -Collision (Original Mix)

Hour 2: Paulina G

You can download/stream the mix here (right click “save as” to download)

Music at Night 40 with special guest Paulina G (Monday September 23)

PaulinaG comes from the suburbs outside Toronto and finds her passion rooted in the raw side of techno. Her biggest influences include Luis Flores, Brian Sanhaji, and Truncate to name a few. She is inspired by artists who regularly push the boundaries of hard techno and thrives on its organic feel. She’s played regular events inside the Guvernment, Li’ly Lounge, and at several other venues. For more info, you can check her out on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.


Music at Night 39 Download/Tracklist (special guest Pinky Pereira)

Hour 1: Brennen Kovic
1.  Spektre-Wormhole (Hollen Remix)
2. Schuhmacher vs. Balthazar & JackRock – Sick On Toast  (Filterheadz Remix)
3. Simon Doty – Block Party (Original Mix)
4. Macromism-Flight Deck (Original Mix)
5. Spektre-Redshift (Original Mix)
6. Johnny Kaos -You Are A Monster (Original Mix) (TRACK OF THE MONTH)
7. Matt Sassari-Boyd Lagune (Original Mix)
8. Alberto Pascual, Luigi Madonna-Somewhere In Berlin (Original Mix)
9. Eric Sneo-Ciao Bella (Filterheadz Remix)
10. UMEK, Groovebox-Cause And Effect (Original Club Mix)
11. Pleasurekraft, Jaceo, Vedic-The Most Dangerous Game (Original Mix)

Hour 2: Pinky Pereira

You can download/stream the mix here (right click “save as” to download)

Music at Night 39 with special guest Pinky Pereira (Monday August 26)

DJ and Producer Pinky Pereira was introduced into the scene at the age of 15. His deep love for house music has developed him into an amazing and accomplished Dj, producing popular tracks From Pereira and Roberge. With a unique and versatile style, he has made his name and music memorable in different parts of the world like: Costa Rica, Cuba, Portugal, China and major Canadian cities: Winnipeg, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montréal and Toronto. Dj Pinky Pereira has the power to make people move their feet and feel the beat all night long. Mastering a variety of genres like Techno, Tech house, Tribal and many more. His taste in music and ability to hype the crowd with his skills and personality has made him popular in a variety of club scenes including the gay, straight and underground. Dj Pinky Pereira has been influence by many international Dj’s like Joseph Capriati, Dubfire, Carlo Lio and the Junkies: just to name a few. He has been booked by well known clubs like Circus, Lily lounge, 1234, Beach Club, Fly and the Guvernment. His love and passion for music can be seen by his ability to control the crowd. Keep your eyes and ears open cause this Dj is one ambitious man whose eyes are set on the top.

Music at Night 38 Download/Tracklist (special guest Chris Fresque)

Hour 1: Brennen Kovic
1. Chris Lo – Gang Bang (Lorenzo DIanni Remix)
2. Bodyscrub – Zero Latency (Jewel Kid Remix)
3. Joseph Capriati – Awake (Original Mix)
4. Gaiser – Trashbend (Original Mix)
5. Johnny Kaos and Mattew Jay – Polling (Original Mix)
6. Victor Vera – Prophecy (Original Mix)
7. Julian Jeweil – Boom (Original Mix) (Track of the Month)
8. Sian – Shame Cube (Victor Calderone Remix)
9. Bart Skils – Tracking Down (Original Mix)
10. Gabriel D and Bordoy – Maximo Exponente (Original Mix)
11. MiniCoolBoyz and NHB – Concrete (Original Mix)

Hour 2: Chris Fresque

You can download/stream the mix here (right click “save as” to download)


Music at Night 38 with special guest Chris Fresque (Monday July 22)

Fresque is no stranger to underground music, it has become a part of him and always will be. For over a decade Fresque has embraced everything about the underground sound he fell in love with and will never loose focus on that in his music.

Since 2006 he has sharpened his skill at performing and producing music. A lifetime of exploring his artistic nature leaves no doubt that creativity comes easily to Fresque. But being self taught and building everything from the ground up is no easy feat. Out of all his recent ambitions, Fresque Apparel clothing line, graphic design, and even photography, none compare to the passion he has for music.

Consistent and energetic track selection, deep rhythmic baselines, and original production, Fresque’s performances leave you with a unique listening experience and take you on a journey.

Fresque has had many releases over the years and shows no sign of stopping. With a unmistakable Tech/Tribal sound, Fresque’s tracks resonate deep down into your soul. You can really feel the vibe behind every creation. Artistic expression is the goal and the music speaks for itself.

Music at Night 37 Download/Tracklist (special guest Rick Marcellino)

Hour 1: Brennen Kovic
1. Pleasurekraft  Jaceo  Vedic- 313  Detroit Calling (Original Mix)
2. Coyu-Planete Routine (Original Mix)
3. Bodyscrub  Tom Laws – Eagle Eyes (RedHead Remix)
4. Owen Sands – Darkson (Original Mix)
5. Maxime Dangles – Diskover  Hauk (Baum Remix)
6.  Filterheads – Yimanya (D Unity Remix) TRACK OF THE MONTH
7. Pots Of Gold – Rainbows  (Original Mix)
8. Ant Brooks – 1987 (Original Mix)
9. Heiko Laux and Diego Hostettler – Relentless (Original Mix)
10. Leonardo Gonnelli – Get Started (Original Mix)

Hour 2: Rick Marcellino

You can download/stream the mix here (right click “save as” to download)