Music at Night 086 with special guests Hyland & Kavai (Monday November 26)

It’s not about where you’re from, or who you’ve been- it’s about where you’re going, and Deep Tech duo Hyland & Kavai know just where to take you when they get behind the decks and take control of a dim, […]

Music at Night 085 with special guest Missanova (Monday October 22)

Since Missanova’s official debut in the Toronto and Hamilton underground scene, she has been making waves with her addicting punching groove and funky kicks. While her style varies between sultry saxophones and open hats to grimy basslines and thumping beats, […]

Music at Night 084 with special guest Igor Vasev (Monday September 24)

Intrigued by scratching, breakbeats, and vynl sets, Igor Vasev evolved from top 40’s and his desire for electronic music was born. Facinated by ideas coming in and being able to momentarily create his own sound, Igor Vasev began his love […]

Music at Night 083 with special guest Jace (Monday July 23)

Jace was influenced by dance music at the early age of eleven. Hip-Hop and then later on House and Techno became the norm for him to be playing on his stereo. Early musical influences for Jace included: NWA, Public Enemy, […]

Music at Night 082 with special guests MoeBass (Monday June 25)

Moe Bass is a brother duo from Toronto consisting of the sounds of deejays Billy Bass and Moe Jackson. Between the two they have played their unique brand of techno and tech house blend throughout Toronto’s underground. Everywhere from Comfort […]


Music at Night 021 with guests Gridmode (Monday January 23)

Driven to weave style into sound, Toronto based electronic music producers Guyvr and Mason Bach have united as Gridmode, to deliver an all out assault on the dancefloor, by exploiting the latest computer music technologies and delivering them with an ear to the ground mentality.

Always consistent in their approach, yet full of surprises, Gridmode invite their listeners to engage in a co-creative exploration of sound, never straying from an uncompromising dedication to their art.

While deeply rooted and educated in the craft of live music performance, Gridmode has transplanted core elements from studio production directly to the live stage, pushing and perfecting technical

boundaries in real-time. This talented duo flawlessly combine the most current selections from the Minimal, Tech House and Techno genres with grace and discriminating taste. Although audiences unanimously agree on their intuitive musical sense, applaud the seeming rocket science behind their rhythms and compositions, Gridmode sources for only the purest of dancefloor pursuits resulting in an experience which must be witnessed first-hand to fully embrace.

Music at Night 020 2011 Year Mix Track List

Hour 1:
1. Ovi M – Ripshaw
2. Cirez D – Full Stop (Original Mix)
3. alex kenji – my oscar
4. Filthy Rich -I Need You  Spartaque Remix
5. Pleasurekraft – Satyr Song (Umek Remix)
6. kiko – visious story
7. Ahmet Sendil, Koen Groeneveld – Turboprop – Ahmet Sendil Mix
8. Tone Depth and Anthony Attalla – Vaporizer (christian cambas amd PHANTM)
9. Balthazar -Puerto Rico  Alex Di Stefano Remix
10. Mario Miranda-Answering Machine (NHB London Remix)
11. Veerus -Phono  Original Mix
12.Cutoff- Button Push (Original Mix)

Hour 2:
13. Da Fresh-Turn Da Music Up  (Original Mix)
14. Umek – Zagreb
15.Balthazar and Jackrock -Dupka (Ahmet Sendil Remix)
16.Lazy M – Crows Are Talking (Subfractal Remix)
17. Christian Cambas – Fireball
18. Tesla – First Aid
19. Krill Mixer – IQ Test (Spartaque Remix)
20.while my weaky gently leaks da fresh remix
21. Roy RosenfelD – Balloons (Da Fresh Remix)
22.Phunk Investigation – 1980’s

You can download this mix HERE

Music at Night LIVE: Collision Course

E-Mail for guestlist (first name, last initial, and number of guests)

Music at Night 019 Tracklist

Im going to start posting the track list from the previous show on the main page from now on starting with this months show.

1. Carl Cox-Nexus (Tomy DeClerque Mix)
2. DJ Lion Luigi Rocca – Krakra Hurricane (Original Mix)
3. John Acquaviva Olivier Giacomotto-While My Wiki Gently Leaks (Da Fresh Remix)
4. M.I.D.I.-The Bien (Snello Remix)
5. Farrel 8 – Freaked Out (Original Mix)
6. Veerus -Phono (Original Mix)
7. Erphun and Subfractal-Stones (Original Mix) (Track of the month)
8. PE BAN DJ Mandraks-Tribute To The Master (Original Mix)
9. Roy RosenfelD-Musica (Sisko Electrofanatik Remix )
10. Glitter – take over
11. Ferty and outcode – hard and slow

NICK CENIK (Hour 2):
1.Dyno – Deep Cloud (Original Mix)
2.Tone Depth – Photon Itch (Subfractal Remix)
3.Alex Di Stefano – Mas Fuerte (Original Mix)
4. Nicolas Oliver – C99 (Fusky Remix) [Future Release]
5.Alex Di Stefano, Phunk Investigation – Everywhere (Something Mix)
6.Phunk Investigation – U Know (Beltek Remix)
7.Balthazar & Jackrock – Puerto Rico (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
8.Phunk Investigation vs Alex Di Stefano – Warrior (Gladiator Mix)
9.Lutzenkirchen – Don’t Fear To Rock (Beltek Remix)
10.Miniminds – Disorder (Locomatica Remix)
11.F.akissi – Juicy (Mikael Pfeiffer Remix)

You can download this mix HERE (right click “save as”)

Music at Night 019 w/ NICK CENIK (Monday November 28)

Born in the 80s and having grown up just outside of Toronto during the grunge/punk rock era and then the hip hop wave of the late 90s and early 2000s, electronic dance music was essentially unknown to Nick Cenik [pronounced “see-Nick”] for the majority of his life. Fast-forward to the present though and nothing could be further from the truth: at 26-years-old, Nick’s life is deeply dedicated to the creation and enjoyment of electronic music. As a self-taught DJ and producer, he has experimented with various genres throughout his young career. His productions have secured the support of artists as diverse as Anthony Attalla, UGLH, DYNO, and Ahmet Sendil. His original production ‘Cote d’Ivore’ was even hand-picked by former Deep Dish member DJ Sharam for inclusion in the latter’s monthly radio-show. In early 2011 Nick made a definitive decision re: his musical aspirations: he would henceforth focus his creative energies exclusively on techno. At present, Nick continues to find inspiration particularly in the works of artists such as Lance Blaise, Alex di Stefano, Subfractal, Lucien Reden, and Phunk Investigation. Aiming to attract folks who appreciate the darker side of EDM and with releases on labels such as Teggno Records, Incorrect Music, Flat Belly Recordings, and Killing Machine Records Nick continues to shape his sound, often switching between sketchy, after-hours, 5am-type techno and banging, high-energy, peak-time monsters. 2012 promises to be an exciting year for this up-and-comer from Toronto. Be sure to visit where you will find Nick’s contact information, recent DJ sets, track previews, and upcoming release descriptions.

Music at Night 018 w/ IRON MIKE (Monday October 24)

Iron Mike is a name known through the Southern Ontario/Toronto club scene as a DJ, Producer, Radio Personality & Promoter for well over 16 years.

Inspired by hearing DJ’s like Deadly Hedly, Chris Sheppard, Matt C and other’s from the Toronto area, Mike got his first turntables at the age of 15, began working at the world famous “Play De Record” store during high school. After playing various house parties, he landed his first club gig at the age of 18 and from then on in, his sound expanded across the city and surrounding area’s.

Iron Mike has played and continues to rock some of the biggest clubs in Toronto & Southern Ontario including: The Docks, Club 108 / 103, Elusions, Opium, The Rocks, The Joker, Plastique, Level, Suite 106, WetBar, Fluid, Distrik, Inside, Li’ly, Room 471,Revoltion, The Palace, Metropolis, The Lyric, Light Lounge, Century Room, Chaval, Film Lounge, The Comfort Zone & The Guvernment (Gallery/Acid Lounge).

He has been fortunate enough to billed alongside international DJ’s such as: Dubfire, Loco Dice, Hermanez, Massimo Girardi, Gary Beck, Nicole Moudaber, Victor Calderone, Coyu, Uner, Edu Imbernon, Tom Novy, Ritchie Santana, Houswerks, Alex Niggemann, Carlos Fauvrelle and The House Mogals, along with local Toronto favorites: Carlo Lio, Matteo DiMarr, D-Unity, Daniel Dubb, Flipside, Manzone & Strong, Mark Oliver, The Junkies, Nathan Barato, Ovi M, Addy, Joee Cons, Deko-Ze and Anthony D’Amico.

During his career, Iron Mike met and worked closely with one of his musical inspirations, Chris Sheppard. Together they produced, mixed & programmed the highly popular “Club Cutz Radio Show” for over 5 years, which was syndicated in over 6 provinces and was broadcast over 16 stations across Canada.
They toured across Canada together, playing raves as the infamous “DogWhistle Sound System” and Iron Mike was also the official tour DJ for the dance group – Love Inc.

Along with his radio experience working with Chris Sheppard, Iron Mike has also worked closely on-air with Tony Monaco (Z103.5 FM Toronto) and with Downtown Diego on the CHIN Radio Network (100.7 FM Toronto & 97.9 FM Ottawa).

Not willing to stop there, Iron Mike also launched a compilation series entitled “HouseMix” back in 2000. The brand was a huge success reaching Gold status in Canada (sales of over 25,000 units) on 2 different occastions with Universal Music. The brand went on to sell well over 200,000.
Along with the “HouseMix” series, he released other mix compilations such as Club Anthems, Pure Dance, Club Sessions and even “MuchDance” a compilation for Canada’s biggest music station – Much Music.
Iron Mike was also the first DJ in Canada to ever mix a CD for the hugely popular UK label, Minstry of Sound, which was produced exclusivly for Canada. Collectively, Iron Mike’s involvement in CD compilations has sold in excess of over 1,000,000 copies – Diamond status in Canada!

2011 has brought out the production bug in Iron Mike and in just this year alone his releases with Luis Sastre, Ovi M and long time friend, Nat Civello, have been noticed and signed to labels such as: MAR186, Beat Therapy, DBR Recordings, Roots and Wings, MUM (Manchester Underground Music), London Music, Funktion Black, PBR Recordings, Hi-Life, Balkan Connection:SA & White Minds Records.

With no signs of stopping in 2012 and beyond – Iron Mike pushes ahead as a dj/artist and continues to spread the universal message of electronic dance music to all with his weekly “Power Hour Mix Show” heard each and every Wednesday night from 10-11PM(est) at udjradiocom

Music at Night 017 w/ Nicholas Van Orton (Monday September 26)

Coming from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ariel Gandolfo first got involved with music at the age of 16. Ten years later, after recording three studio albums with the band “il phantasmo” (Smokinghome Records, 1999, 2001 and 2003), he decided to work as a solo artist producing dance tracks under the alias Nicholas Van Orton.

His tunes had a great welcome at the house music scene, and are supported by many international
and local djs such as Hernan Cattaneo, Sasha, Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, or Anthony Pappa,
to name a few. While working alone, or as a part of production team, his tracks frequently manage
to reach the charts from pools, djs and record stores.

Ariel has firmly established also as a DJ, playing around America and Europe, performing both DJ gigs
and live acts, where he includes his latest works and remixes.
He also takes part of side groups and collaborations, such as The Planters, with Luciano Lima or his duowith the argentinian producer Niko Fantin. Since 2009, NVO runs Balkan Connection South America digital record lab

Music at Night 016 w/ Ovi M (Monday August 22)

Thanks to Nunzi for a rocking set last month. Coming up is returning guest and good friend OVI M. Born in Romania and raised in Toronto, Canada, Ovi M although still young in his career, has proven himself to be a versatile and unique young talent striving to perform at his very best. His determination and professionalism has him now becoming part of the most sought-after artists in the Toronto electronic music scene.

Ovi M delivers the ultimate combination of pounding beats and crowd manipulation through his music to effectively orchestrate strong energy on the dance floor. Ovi M’s primary genre of music is underground tech house and techno. His brand of house music is fuelled by rich rolling baselines, underground sounds, and killer build-ups. Ovi M’s particular track selection & unique style has now begun to ricochet throughout the scene thus making his name more recognizable and in demand.

Regardless where you see Ovi M, he is guaranteed to deliver an atmosphere of fun, excitement and communicate a crazy vibe on the dance floor through his music. Ovi M’s musical journey will continue to produce more productions, collaborations, and will execute various events to deliver you your dose of groovy beats!

Music at Night 015 w/ Nunzi (Monday July 25)

Hailing from Brooklyn (NYC), Nunzi grew up in one of the most influential cities and culturally inspiring environments in North America. While growing up he was exposed to music at a young age, learning to play both the drums and piano, which developed a keen sense of rhythms and nua…nces found in his music today. Nunzi’s production and DJing style is hard to be described – powerful groovy and hard-hitting rhythms stemming from tech-house and techno, infused with ambient and deep textures. Although only 22 years old, his production work and techniques show skill equal or greater to those who are house hold names in electronic music.

No matter which style of House, Nunzi brings a style and sound that breaks away from the generic into a truly unique experience for both music enthusiasts and DJ/ producers alike. Nunzi’s works can be found in record bags of artists all over the world, getting support from greats such as Danny Tenaglia,

2010-2011 was a big year for Nunzi, gaining recognition for both his productions and international DJ performances in the U.S and Canada. Recently Nunzi reached #22 on the Beatport charts with a collaboration on Stefano Noferini’s imprint Deeperperfect Records, and has played shows with international artists such as: Brian Sanhaji, Kyle Geiger, Uto Karem, Hans Bouffmyre, Steve Parker, Subfractal, and more.

Nunzi will be playing LIVE in Toronto at Blondies (1378 Queen Street West) NO COVER!!!

Music at Night 014 w/ Matt Herdman (Monday June 27)

Inspired by artists such as Richie Hawtin, John Acquaviva, Dubfire and Oliver Huntemann, Matt began gaining confidence in his production as he incorporated it more often into his live sets. Interested to know how his work was measuring up to his influences, he sought one out at a local show. Living a short distance away in nearby London, Ontario, John Acquaviva had become a natural barometer for Matt’s progress as an electronic artist. Thus, when Matt slipped John a CD of some of his recent work, it undoubtedly became a pivotal turning point in his career. Impressed by what he heard, John soon asked Matt for additional tracks and signed his first work to one of the most credible electronic music labels in the industry, Definitive Records. With the initial release reaching the Top 100 Chart on the industry’s leading digital download website,, and being licensed to RockStar Games’ “Midnight Club Los Angeles” Matt knew this was no longer the “hobby” it started out to be.

For more information on Matt Herdman please visit