The Time Has Come

Friends, the time has come.

I have decided that episode 100 of Music at Night will be my last. I remember the day I got accepted as a resident on DI.FM just about ten years ago. I was overjoyed and excited that I was able to bring my mixes to the world on the planets best dance music website.

Its been quite the journey to watch Digitally Imported grow into the powerhouse that it is now and an honor to share the airwaves with the best djs and producers on the planet. Thank you to everyone at DI.FM and Johan for all their hard work.

If you haven’t already, subscribe to DI.FM Premium. It helps keep the site up and they deserve your support.

Thank you to all the djs and producers that agreed to be guests on my show. I did my best to showcase Canadian talent. You have all been an absolute joy to have on and the show wouldn’t exist without every single one of you.

To the people that tuned in, it was all done for you. Thank you for the messages and words of encouragement. I hope the mixes made you groove.

The next 6 months will be a throwback to the early days of the show. The guests are all close friends and ones that were there since the beginning. The final Music at Night will be a two hour mix of my all time favorite techno tracks during the past 10 years.

Ill still be making the odd mix on my mixcloud ( account but the chances of them being techno mixes are slim. The site will still be up, the past shows will slowly be uploaded to mix cloud but you can still get them free on the music at night website ( and if you are a premium DI.FM user you should still be able to access the back catalog there as well.

Thank you for listening

Brennen Kovic

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