Music at Night 019 w/ NICK CENIK (Monday November 28)

Born in the 80s and having grown up just outside of Toronto during the grunge/punk rock era and then the hip hop wave of the late 90s and early 2000s, electronic dance music was essentially unknown to Nick Cenik [pronounced “see-Nick”] for the majority of his life. Fast-forward to the present though and nothing could be further from the truth: at 26-years-old, Nick’s life is deeply dedicated to the creation and enjoyment of electronic music. As a self-taught DJ and producer, he has experimented with various genres throughout his young career. His productions have secured the support of artists as diverse as Anthony Attalla, UGLH, DYNO, and Ahmet Sendil. His original production ‘Cote d’Ivore’ was even hand-picked by former Deep Dish member DJ Sharam for inclusion in the latter’s monthly radio-show. In early 2011 Nick made a definitive decision re: his musical aspirations: he would henceforth focus his creative energies exclusively on techno. At present, Nick continues to find inspiration particularly in the works of artists such as Lance Blaise, Alex di Stefano, Subfractal, Lucien Reden, and Phunk Investigation. Aiming to attract folks who appreciate the darker side of EDM and with releases on labels such as Teggno Records, Incorrect Music, Flat Belly Recordings, and Killing Machine Records Nick continues to shape his sound, often switching between sketchy, after-hours, 5am-type techno and banging, high-energy, peak-time monsters. 2012 promises to be an exciting year for this up-and-comer from Toronto. Be sure to visit where you will find Nick’s contact information, recent DJ sets, track previews, and upcoming release descriptions.

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