Music at Night 096 with special guest Your Boyzzz (Monday October 28)

Downtown Diego & Iron Mike are forever the voice of Toronto’s underground music scene. The two hosted weekly radio programs on CHIN 100.7FM, numerous live to air broadcasts and will be forever known for their highly successful “Feature Film Friday” […]

Music at Night 095 with special guest Mike Conradi (Monday September 23)

Mike Conradi began his DJ career in early 1999 and since then has played at countless clubs and events across Ontario Canada alongside some of the biggest names in electronic music. These include numerous main stage performances at the World […]

Music at Night 094 with special guest Kris Morton (Monday August 26)

With his “Techno one day, Trance the next” persona, his master mixing and ability to jump across multiple genres, combined with his overall presence behind the decks, is what truly establishes Kris as the much adored DJ in the Toronto […]

Music at Night 093 with special guest BagHead (Monday July 22)

BagHead has set himself apart from the flock. With over 10 years experience as an artist in the Toronto underground, this often controversial DJ has learned to always believe in the music. Often blurring the lines between Techno, tech-house, House […]

Music at Night 092 with special guest Nigel Best (Monday June 24)

Nigel Best (aka thepharmacist) has been involved in music for most of his life. From the early days of collecting records, DJ’ing at local youth clubs in England, where he grew up, to residencies at various clubs through the disco, […]


Music at Night 091 (Special Guest Sheebz) Download and Tracklist

Hour 1: Brennen Kovic
1. Teenage Mutants, Moonwalk – Urania
2. Heiko Laux, Joel Mull – Centipede (Original Mix)
3. Balthazar – Balthazar (Original Mix)
4. Spencer Brown & Raito – Star Allies (Original Mix)
5. SHDDR – Impulse (Original Mix)
6. CamelPhat & Alan Fitzpatrick – Kona
7. Calvin Harris – I m Not Alone (Thomas Schumacher Extended Remix) (TRACK OF THE MONTH)
8. Loco & Jam – Elektron (Original Mix)
9. UMEK – Brethren
10. Teenage mutants – Real (Original mix)
11. Spektre, Juliet Fox – Thinking About You ft Juliet Fox (Original Mix)
12. Thomas Schumacher – Golden Hour

Hour 2: Sheebz
1. Haunted – Tiger Stripes
2. Flip Trip (DJ Lion Remix) – Metodi Hristov, Artslaves, 3. DJ Lion
4. Dark Star – Agent Orange
5. Back to the Old School – Raffaele Rizzi
6. Swallow (Tale of Us Remix) – Monolink, Tale of Us
7. Heisenberg – Lowboys
8. Quick Combination – Hollen, The YellowHeads
9. Completely – Metodi Hristov, Juliet Fox
10. Corvus (Spartaque Remix) – The YellowHeads, Spartaque
11. Dione – The YellowHeads
12. Fragile – Mark Reeve
13. Magna (Martin Lacroix Remix) – ID3RN, Martin
14. LacroixTarantula (7 Year itch Rework) – Pleasurekraf

Stream the mix here (right click “save as” to download)

Music at Night 091 with special guest Sheebz (Monday May 27)

Sheebz is a musical firecracker making waves in the Hamilton and Toronto scenes. Incredibly versatile, she plays dynamic live sets in a variety of genres from techno to disco. Whatever the vibe, Sheebz will have you grinning and bouncing along for the ride. Her DJ sets always tell a story, full of energy and emotional expression. She completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Cognition, where she learned how our brains process and enjoy music.

She uses this knowledge to her advantage to create beautiful mixes that make your dopamine receptors tingle. Being a classically-trained musician has made Sheebz a music snob, and she gravitates towards songs that have true musicality and organic sounds. Sheebz is an empath who connects effortlessly with her crowd to read and respond to their mood.

Where does all this passion come from? Sheebz is a voice for people with addiction and mental illness and knows that music can bring people together to heal from trauma and pain. Always full of energy and love for the music, she is motivated by the need to create in each of her listeners the primal urge to move to the beat.

Music at Night 090 (Special Guest Accomplice ) Download and Tracklist

Hour 1: Brennen Kovic
1. Nusha – Equality (T78 Remix)
2. UMEK – Retractor
3. Matt Sassari, Matthieu Piacentile – Waitin’ for My Baby’s Car (Extended Mix)
4. Martin Books – Monkey City (Original Mix)
5.Riva Starr – The Hole (Layton Giordani Remix)
6. Veerus – Apocalypse (Original Mix)
7. Pig&Dan – Losing Part of Me (Track Of The Month)
8.Cosmic Boys – Phoenix (Original Mix)
9.Ramiro Lopez, Juliet Fox – On Your Face (Original Mix)
10.Nic Fanciulli – Understand (Original Mix)
11. UMEK – Brethren (Original Mix)
12. Wehbba, DJ Deeon – We Have

Hour 2: Accomplice

Stream the mix here (right click “save as” to download)

Music at Night 090 with special guest Jamieson Bruce (Monday April 22)

DJing/producing since 1997, Toronto-born accomplice is well known from his early days of holding down residencies with iDJ, and the legendary Junglist Fridays at Blue Dog, both in Montreal, as well as hosting underground parties with Cognitive Vibe in the early 2000s. accomplice resided in Seoul, South Korea for five years where, with the Breakbeat Massive, he was regularly featured at one off events in and around Seoul (including in front of 50,000 people at the Pentaport Festival in 2008), a monthly resident at the legendary Vinyl Underground in Busan, and a resident of Konkrete Jungle Seoul at Club Cargo.

Now located in a hidden bunker north of Toronto, accomplice frequently makes trips down to
Detroit where he has honed his love of no-nonsense techno.

Music at Night 089 (Special Guest Richard Meaney ) Download and Tracklist

Hour 1: Brennen Kovic
1. Teenage Mutants, Moonwalk – Urania
2. T78, ROBPM – Acid Lick
3. Raito – Believe In Me(Original Mix)
4. A_S_Y_S & Dominik Schwarz – Destruction
5. Spektre – Gates of Dawn (Original Mix)
6. Teenage Mutants – Future (Origina Mix)
7. Joyhauser – Killer Queen (Original Mix) TRACK OF THE MONTH

8. Adam Beyer – Teach Me
9.  Pig and Dan – Infinity (Original Mix)
10. Pleasurekraft – G.O.D. (Gospel of Doubt) ft Casey Gerald
11. Cosmic Boys – Kondor (Original Mix)
12. A_S_Y_S – The Acid

Hour 2: Richard Meaney

Stream the mix here (right click “save as” to download)

Music at Night 089 with special guest Richard Meaney (Monday March 25)

Originally from the UK; Richard Meaney cut his teeth as a DJ playing at parties and events across England. His style mainly draws inspiration from the genres of minimal, deep-tech, and micro-house. This mix embodies the slower, after-hour minimal sounds that he loves, but rarely gets a chance to play.

Music at Night 088 (Special Guest LeeJames ) Download and Tracklist

Hour 1: Brennen Kovic
1. Spektre – Retrograde (Original Mix)
2. Julian Jeweli – Transmission (Original Mix)
3. Ilija Djokovic – Atom (Original Mix)
4. Egbert – Fractals (Original Mix)
5. Julian Jeweil – Internal (Original Mix)
6. Enrico Sangiuliano – A Further Existence
7. Julian Jeweil – Mars (Original Mix) TRACK OF THE MONTH
8. Pleasurekraft – The Razor’s Edge
9. Jay Lumen – Meteo
10. Llija Djokovic – 11407863_Nebula (Original Mix)
11. Spektre – Back Into Consciousness (Original Mix)

Hour 2: LeeJames

Stream the mix here (right click “save as” to download)

Music at Night 088 with special guest Lee James (Monday February 25)

Born in Liverpool England and raised in Canada, LeeJames has been a fixture in and around the Toronto club and rave scene since the mid 90’s.

LeeJames has played everything small after parties and private events to massive crowds of thousands at events like Utopia and some of the famous Destiny parties when he played under the guise of “Klark Kent”.  More recently playing clubs as Li’Ly and The Velvet Underground.  He has also thrown and hosted amazing parties.  Siren Fridays in Oshawa and the Catch22 after parties in Toronto.

Through his career he and his fans have enjoyed many genres together, but he always seems to find himself mired in the depths of deep dark techno.

Music at Night 087 Year Mix 2018

1. Thomas Schumacher – When I Rock (Thomas Schumacher Remix
2. LLija Djokovic- Epica (Original Mix)
3. UMEK – Specific Flavour Original Mix
4. Cirez D – Dare U
5. Scott Project – U I Got A Feeling (Eats Everything Extended Reebeef)
6. Township Rebellion – Ramses (original Mix)
7. Hell Driver  – Negative Mind (naked Lunch Rec)
8. Reinier Zonneveld – Move Your Body To The Beat(Original Mix)
9. Daddy Russell – Journey Planner (filterheadz Remix)
10. SCB – Extinct ANNA Remix
11. 2pole Alone Feat. Ursula Rucker Original Mix
12. Jay Lumen – Asteroid (Original Mix) TRACK OF THE YEAR
13. Thomas Schumacher, Victor Ruiz – Apollo II (Original Mix)
14. Township Rebellion – Compass North (Original Mix)
15. Felix Bernhardt, Pappenhimer – Wet Feather (Superstrobe Remix)
16. Enrico Sangiuliano – Hidden T
17. Carl Cox – Your Light Shines On (Chus & Ceballos 2018 Remix)
18. Mark Sherry – Music of the Earth(Alen Milivojevic & Drzneday Remix)
19. Veerus – Heavy (Original MiX)
20. Engi, Christian Craken – The Conclave
21. Skream – Poison (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
22. Spartaque – Who You Are (Original Mix)
23. DJ Boris, D-Unity – Blow Your Mind (Loco & Jam Remix)

Stream the mix here (right click “save as” to download)

Music at Night 087 Year Mix 2018 (Monday December 24)

Let me start by saying thank you to all the wonderful and talented DJs that were guests on the show this past year: Hyland & Kavai, Missanova, Igor Vasev, Jace, Moe Bass, Hugo M, Footwork Fuel, and Blair Malott. You all rocked it. I must also thank all the listeners that tuned in, youre the reason Im still doing this for the past 8 years. And finally all those that donated to the show, thank you so much.

As we close in on another year, its time for the Music at Night Year Mix where I play my favorite tracks during 2018 and crown one track as the “track of the year”.

Have a great holiday season

Brennen Kovic